Back to it

Cool stuff being created all over the detrans-iverse.

(I want a central hub website, or like a less clunky name for what we’re doing. I keep coming back to Re-ID. What if we had a that was just all detransition/re-identification resources?)

Some good videos I enjoy:


I’m SO behind on my emails, but I’ve gotten a lot recently from researchers and people in the caretaking fields trying to offer assistance. Wonderful! I’m going to reply to you, I promise, and see if I can find people who would like your help.

I quit facebook. It was because facebook was keeping me linked to all these people from my past who I didn’t want to stay linked to. And I felt checked up on a lot, I felt surveilled. So you know, I don’t need that shit.

In other news, I found my soulmate, who unsurprisingly is a chihauhau-terrier mix. He’s an angel sent by God to bless me with his snoozing. I took him to my mom’s farm this sunday, and he’s such a chill guy I forgot that dogs, even small dogs, love to terrorize chickens. So he chased the SHIT out of some chickens who  probably had some weight on him. He looked so happy I let it happen for awhile until he caught one and yanked some feathers out of her rear. So at that point I had to break it up, take him inside. His face! He was so happy with those feathers hanging out of his mouth! Then my mom said, “He finally acted like a dog!” (Because he was hanging out on my lap at her place.) I felt like I got more insight into what an insane woman I was raised by. My mom has two big dogs who are barely trained. She’s always been a terrible dog trainer, and in that moment I saw that it’s because she really enjoys when dogs act out. She doesn’t want trained dogs, she wants wild dogs. So I was spawned from a lady of chaos, which I already knew, but her pleasure at my gentleman showing his inner killer only reinforced my knowledge.

I won’t post a pic on this blog because I think about Michael Bailey’s kids, which is an over-reaction, but there are lots of people out there on the inter-webs who have big over-reactions and I’d rather over-react pre-emptively to their over-reaction.

(Also we had a big thunderstorm friday night, and he wasn’t freaked out at all. I woke up and reached for him assuming he’d need a cuddle, but he was completely chill. I’ve never had a dog who wasn’t freaked out by thunder.)

I have a lot due this week. This probably means I’ll blog more, to avoid doing my work. So enjoy!

One thought on “Back to it”

  1. It’s weird to say, but I’m grateful I’m older. I’m grateful I’m not a young person today. Since I’m a tomboy hetero woman, I fear I would have been told I am transgender because I like to wear jeans all the time. I do not like going to the doctor and avoid medical stuff, tho, so who knows if I would have been persuaded to transition. I’m really happy I did not face any such pressure 40 years ago.

    Thanks for your blog. All the best to you


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