Friend Love February 2017 Edition

Thank you all for reading this blog and you know, looking my way. I wanted to highlight some efforts by other detransitioned people, because the community in general is full of people doing big things.

Over at Re-Sister H. is running another survery, this time about strategies dysphoric females use to manage their dysphoria. Her last survey about co-morbid diagnoses was SO BONKERS IN ITS IMPORTANCE. Literally you cannot find an academic paper with 1) a sample size of detransitioners over 40 and 2) with any information about the co-morbid diagnoses of detransitioners. Honestly, H. is doing really groundbreaking stuff with her surveys, and obviously I’m very impressed, but also it makes me so pissed off that it’s up to detransitioned women to do the research. The people who were so motivated to help us create these messes in our lives are so un-interested in creating the research and resources to help us get back on track. Ok, that’s my negativity showing, please go over to desisterresister and take the survey if you’re a dysphoric female:

Along those same lines, if you are a male or female person who received medications or surgery for a gender transition and then de-transitioned, please participate in the survey Cari from Guideonragingstars, Third Way Trans, and Lisa Littman are running. Research like this creates the foundation for designing services, and detransitioned people need services! This one is longer and more comprehensive, so you need to set aside a little time to finish it. Guys and Gyns, please participate and also share it with your detransitioned friends.

Third Way Trans has also created a forum for male detransitioners. Please join if you’re a natal male and meet the eligibility criteria. Please both join and be active in posting your thoughts. Your thoughts are valuable to other people! I know most of us learn the opposite as little kids, but we gotta unlearn that terrible belief that to build community.

New natal male detransitioner community

Finally, a detransitioned friend has had some upsets in her housing and employment circumstances and is hoping to raise a $1,000 dollars to give her some resources to get herself in a good situation. A $1,000 won’t cover the threads she’s hoping to gather up- legal costs related to changing her ID, electrolysis, previous bills for mental health expenses- but it would go a long way to get her out of crisis. If you have some extra dollars this would be a good place to put them.

I’m continuing to listen to lots of rap. Kitty reminded me the other day of Angel Haze, so I’ve been listening to this one a lot. Take care of yourself, and then take care of others if you’ve got some extra.

3 thoughts on “Friend Love February 2017 Edition”

  1. Yes, DesisterResister’s survey on co-occurring diagnoses is so incredibly important. But did I not see coverage that it has received, or has it not been picked up on, anything like it ought to be? Has anybody seen an article or blog looking at it, besides this mention? Talking about findings??

    Glad to hear she’s running another on ways people have found to manage dysphoria, that’s excellent news!

    Where are the damn clinicians and academics on this stuff? Journalists avidly taking on board and thinking about the findings? (Happy to be more blatantly ‘negative’ than you on this…)

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    1. For sure that survey has not gotten the fanfare it deserves, and H. has not YET gotten the recognition she deserves. I’m holding out hope as the tide shifts this will set her up for an illustrious academic career.

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