Petition time

Hey folks,

I know this blog just keeps getting weirder. One month you’re reading an anonymous, kind of poetical life memoir sort of thing, then you’re watching a bunch of youtube videos, now I’m asking you to sign petitions. Life’s a wild ride.

The BBC made a documentary called “Transgender Kids: Who knows best?” It’s about Dr. Ken Zucker and the CAMH Child Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic. Trans activists waged a long campaign to get him fired because he wasn’t using a “gender-affirming” approach to children with GD. The BBC made this documentary, and then trans activists made a petition to get it “reviewed by experts” before showing it. (Who are these experts? Steensma? Johanna Olsen? I’m trying to list clinicians who would be Zucker’s peers and that’s a short list.)

So now Sam Bagnall who produces BBC This World is getting a lot of flak for the documentary. A lot of people calling it a “vicious attack” on trans kids.

I know I always come back to this, but oh my gosh trans activists are always turned up to 11.

I think it’s really important we get to see this documentary in America. I think people need to see that this isn’t a fight between “gender-affirming” and “reparative” therapy. Ethical mental health care takes into account developmental stages, assesses for co-morbid conditions, educates people on dissociative symptoms and other trauma reactions. Ethical mental health care for SURE does not attribute suicidal ideation to a single cause. There are trans people who transition in their 60’s- clearly the choice to kill yourself is a culmination of many factors, and rushing medical intervention because of unrealistically simplistic cause and effect propaganda is NOT ETHICAL.

So. Please sign this petition to get the documentary an American air date? Trans activists got 11,000 signatures asking for censorship (come on, that’s what “review by experts before airing” is) we can at least get that many people who want access to all the information we can get about treating gender dysphoria.

Remember when I used to blog anonymously about drinking coffee on the back porch? Shit’s changed dudes. Shit just keeps changing.


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