Boats are all called She

(I’m trying to very hard to finish a big piece of writing due at the end of the week. It’s not coming very quickly. So this is a poem to remind me writing is a good time.)


Boats are all called She

We call them she because we use them

to keep men alive

a floating home for the adventurous

fall off the boat you’re as good as dead

thank god boats don’t have opinions on where to go

what waters they feel safe in

if a boat could see an iceberg coming

she would have to suck it up and ram right into it

boats are fortunately very quiet

men guide boats according to their plans

sometimes good, sometimes bad

you can’t even start the journey without procuring the boat

does anyone bother to tell the boat where they’re taking her?

or do they just load her up with supplies

replace her ropes and sails

clean and oil her up

so she knows she’s only going to a vague somewhere

We call boats she

(Because who doesn’t love a boat)

and wonder why a girl might rather not

get called what you would call a boat

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