Female Socialization


I transcribed the video on Youtube for the closed captions, but screwed up when I needed to save what I typed, so I don’t have the transcript for the video for this blog yet. Sorry folks, I’ll get it together.

Here’s Crash’s video! Woot woot woot!


I’m trying to do Nanowrimo this month, and so that’s taken up all my writing time. Sometime soon I’ll get back to this blog. Hope you folks are having a good November and I hope we get to celebrate a female president soon!

2 thoughts on “Female Socialization”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for posting this. I am not sure if you remember me. My daughter is still pursuing transitioning as far as I know. She or he I should say if this is ever read, is still being controlled and living with a transitioning FTM who is six years or so older than her. She has not shared anything with her family and has pretty much shunned us for disagreeing with all of this. We just don’t see it. We are able to meet about once a month but even that has proven to be uncomfortable because there is no personal sharing of anything. So, we have just pretty much let go. The holidays are upon us and we are facing a move as my husband lost his job. Do you believe if there were better regulations about T that it would help and what kind of regulations would they be? It is being given out like candy. I can’t help but think that once you start there is a lot of pressure to continue – even from the health professionals. I am really scared about all of this. There are not any government regulations and no accountability here within the colleges or professionals who are just supporting, not questioning. My biggest problem is the self isolation and judgement that just because a family disagrees, that the dialogue then stops and the family who cares more for their child than anyone is pushed aside and that their childhood, medical conditions (in our case, stroke, blood clot and diabetes history is not even asked about. To me this is a very deadly and lonely process for everyone.


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