“Hi! It’s a late night video. So this blog written by this lady named Dirt
did like a long post where she went into my facebook for like many years back, like 2011
to sort of I guess demonstrate to the world that I’m like an unhinged, crazy, like she
called me a “straightbian.”

And like the going into my facebook all the way back to 2011 is impressive because I post on facebook like 4 times a day. So like to get back to 2011 is like a project! I had a couple people reach out to me who were concerned for me, which is so lovely that I have…I don’t know, that I have people like that in my life. That last video I did about class was definitely the video that has gotten the most pushback, it wasn’t just Dirt’s post, there’s like a whole Reddit thread acting like what I said is that no one should medically transition.

And I gotta tell you, I looked at Dirt’s post a little bit, but it was so long, and you know, I’ve lived my life so, to see like a review of all the times that I had been crazy on facebook, it was like, “Well yeah, I know about that, I lived it.” I am well aware of how many times I’ve been crazy on facebook.

I do these videos understanding that I’m going to make some people upset and understanding that a lot of people aren’t going to get what I’m saying and also that people are going to take what I say in the videos in different ways.

I do try very very hard to be just very straightforward and honest in the videos, there seems to be some doubt about how long I took testosterone, but it was 9 months. I took testosterone for 9 months. And if you have a problem with me calling that medically transitioning, ok, alright, I don’t know…we can argue about words and
how to use words. The facts are that I took testosterone for 9 months, I was identified as trans for a year and half following those 9 months.

I don’t really do these videos to convince people to do a certain thing with their lives. I really do these videos because I do think that hearing alternate viewpoints helps peoplemake better decisions.

So if you watch these videos and you’re like, “This woman is crazy, she’s a crazy straight girl who was always trying to get attention” I’m ok with that. I feel chill about that. Like, that’s fine. You can think really anything you want to about me.

I just want you to make good decisions that create the future you really want for your life.

And if you watch my videos and you’re like, “Uh, this girl’s insane and I don’t have anything to learn from her and sorry you fucked up your life Carey Callahan but that’s not my business” ok. That’s ok.

Like, I wouldn’t be putting this material out there if I couldn’t handle that kind of pushback. I wasn’t really expecting people to compile all my photos from 2011 till now in one masterpost, but it’s ok.

I guess just person to person with Dirt, I’m….I only really scanned the post, I kind of readthe first part of it and then I like saw all the photos and I was like WHOA wow this woman really went through the facebook and it seemed…so I didn’t really get a sense of what you were upset with me with, it seemed like you were upset with me for being straight. Yeah, I don’t know what to tell you about that. I’ve tried to be straightforward about what my sexuality was before testosterone and what it has been since. I don’t know. I’ve tried to be straightforward and honest, and that’s because I think that has a lot of value.

And the people that I am mostly concerned about are people considering transition or people trying to make their way through detransition. Those are the two groups that I really like hope get something valuable out of hearing this crazy story from this crazy woman, right here. So I’m sorry I guess if you’re mad at me for being who I am and for having such a, yeah, totally crazy twenties, a totally crazy decade. And yeah, definitely posting some crazy shit on facebook too. I don’t know.

The other thing you gotta keep in mind about me is that I did like perform comedy for a decade so like I’m used to getting roasted in extreme ways. Like, when people say mean things about me on the internet I have definitely heard worse shit to my face from my very best friends. Like, I don’t know. A bunch of people got mad at me on the internet when I was like 26 and said terrible shit and that really freaked out, I think it like kinda re-traumatized me and shit, but like I’m sort of over that. Like….you can say whatever you want.

You can say I’m crazy, definitely that’s true, you can say I’m like an attention whore, yeah probably yeah. I was a comedian! I make youtube videos! You can say my teeth are messed up and my arms are fat and whatever. You can say whatever you want. I just hope that the people who need to get something from hearing a different kind of story get it. So what I’m saying is that like it’s ok that you went so far back in my facebook and acted sort of insane. You’re forgiven for being so weird about me. And everyone else who got so upset with that post about class, I kind of expected that people would get upset with that video. And on some level you are just also forgiven. And regardless about how you feel about me, have a good day, take care of yourself, take care of your body, be good. Alright guys, bye!”

25 thoughts on “POPPIN’”

  1. frankly, i felt that dirt post was dishonest. like, it painted evidence of bisexuality as lying about being gay. you never claimed to be gay!

    discrepancies of a few months in timeframes are most likely the result of memory stuff, and i feel like dirt has overplayed that as well.

    i think that taking hormones for just under a year would be considered transitioning by most. it’s fair to call it that.

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    1. also, as for taking up new things and dropping them and changing your mind a lot and exploring identity – a lot of people do that. i’ve been doing that all my life, probably to greater extremes than you, though i’ve never been trans.

      i think that’s a really common thing. everyone i know seems to pick up and drop new things and ideas periodically. i have no idea why dirt is making so much of that. that seems like dishonesty on dirt’s part as well.

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      1. and, like, wtf was this person doing getting herself added to ur fb and capping and stalking it, all to write this really fact-twisting and obsessive and nasty post about a woman she doesnt know and who has done nothing wrong? thats really fucked up

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  2. then there’s her conclusion that you were never medically trans like it’s some big gotcha. YOU ALREADY CAME TO THAT CONCLUSION AND BLOGGED ABOUT IT. OMG.

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  3. So if there were, say, around seven thousand posts on your timeline, over five years, and she spent five seconds on each one (presumably some took longer than that) just that part of this project took a minimum of ten hours.

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    1. honestly, you could call what she did stalking. it’s actually quite disturbing behavior, getting added to someone’s private facebook under a false name, going through six or seven years worth of back posts (dirt published stuff from 2009 and 2010), putting all these private posts on a public blog with a slanted, nasty and really quite dishonest interpretation.

      really this might be libel as well as stalking.

      obviously not worth pursuing legally unless it results in significant material consequences, but it is worth pointing out publicly, i think.

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  4. okay, just took another quick look at the dirt post. she’s gotten herself added to your sister bridget’s fb account as well – she’s uploaded a cap of a friends only post from there too. so look for mutual friends with bridget if you want to find which account is dirt’s fakebook.

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  5. ok, i didnt have to scroll very far back at all in dirt’s blog to find this:


    here she refers to people who’ve been on T for 7 months (the first link) as transitioning/transitioned.

    so this isn’t a case of dirt having a stricter definition of transition than most. it’s a case of deliberate libel to paint you as a fraudulent detransitioner.

    re: the family stuff in dirt’s post. it’s very possible to have a traumatic home life as a child and still have close family relationships in adulthood. i’d say dirt knows that as well.

    this whole blog post is so much reaching for shit that just isnt there. it really reminds me of other smear sites i’ve seen tbh.

    it’s a shame that a lesbian and supposedly feminist blogger has stooped to treating other women this way.

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  6. What Dirt did was terrible and it doesn’t accomplish anything other than harassing you. She likes to call people straightbians and she’s called me that too. You haven’t done anything wrong toward lesbians — you were honest about being bisexual before T and that’s okay. Ignore Dirt. She has been attacking lots of gender critical bloggers lately even though we are actually on the same side as her. It says more about her than it says about the rest of us.

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  7. What Dirt did was terrible and it doesn’t accomplish anything other than harassing you. She likes to call people straightbians and she’s called me that too. You haven’t done anything wrong toward lesbians — you were honest about being bisexual before T and that’s okay. Ignore Dirt. She has been attacking lots of gender critical bloggers lately even though we are actually on the same side as her. It says more about her than it says about the rest of us.

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  8. And another thing about this whole “Carey has always been crazy” claim—I only skimmed over the screenshots she took while stalking your Facebook page, but it seems as though the stuff she screenshotted was some pretty standard stuff for a young person who is finding herself. Nothing there made me think you were crazy in any way. Further, going through rough patches doesn’t make a person crazy either—everyone goes through rough patches, periods of personal growth and weird phases that don’t make sense anymore a few years later. What makes you a healthy person is not going through life with no difficulty, but dealing constructively with the difficulties you have. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and I’ve seen you dealing with your stuff in a really mature and healthy way, facing difficulties head-on and with honesty, and I think this is a sign that you are actually mentally healthy, or at the very least, you are on a swift path toward health. Anyone who has been thoughtfully reading your writing, and not just skimming through to look for something to use to discredit you, will see the same thing.
    P.S. Let this situation be a reminder why everyone needs to be very careful who they add as a Facebook friend!

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  9. I can never quite get over the time and effort people put into being negative and useless. What a waste of this life. 4thwavenow sent me an email last week saying I’d been called out on Dirt’s blog (apparently for being a “straightbian” too, what with my incredible history of never having a relationship with anybody???) but I couldn’t bring myself to wet my feet in actually going to read it. Like you know when you step in some water you dripped on the floor in socks and it’s just irritating? Yeah, no thanks.

    But yeah, the amount of caring and compassion you do – that you’ve been doing, especially with these videos – it’s like the antithesis of this kind of … What is it really, but slander? I guess there are always barking dogs. I’m glad you can walk past them and keep going. And there is no “crazy”. Man, that word gets flung around so much in regards to our past decisions and beliefs but we were only ever doing the best we could at the time, and that’s the best anyone can do. To come out of it filled with more compassion than before is the real key, and something folks like Dirt will never have any understanding of. So they bark, uselessly.

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  10. hi dirt.

    im the person who made the comment referred to here, which you’ve interpreted with a really dishonest slant:


    i was referring to carey being medically TRANS not medically TRANSITIONING

    i have to believe you know that – it’s clear from the comments you capped themselves.

    carey has already said several times publicly that she’s realized in retrospect that she was never truly transgender – rather that trauma led to gender dysphoria, as it can and does in some women.

    she did indeed medically transition by taking testosterone and an irl friend of hers has vouched for that in a tumblr post.

    honestly, the only liar here is you, dirt. you twist everything til it is unrecognizable.

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  11. I’m really sorry this happened to you! It’s beyond creepy and obsessive how anyone would spend that kind of time and effort on going back through years of a stranger’s FB page and then posting private photos and screencaps on a public blog. Dirt likes to claim Fair Use doctrine, but Fair Use doesn’t apply to what she’s doing. While her blog does have a lot of good information, her heavy-handed, black and white delivery really detracts from her core message.

    I also don’t see what the big deal is about having good relationships with family members after a dysfunctional, abusive, or traumatic childhood. People change, make amends for past hurts, and move on to have a more healthy, loving relationship.

    If you figure out which sock account Dirt did this under, you should definitely block her, and make sure your profile’s privacy settings are as tight as possible. I’d also recommend seeing if she’s following you on Twitter, and blocking her account. I recently found and blocked my cyberstalker after I figured out he’d begun following me on Twitter in April, when the cyberstalking began. I haven’t had any referrals to my blog from the pro-bullying, pro-doxxing site he posted all my links, pictures, and screencaps on since then. Some people have no sense of common decency.

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    1. i’ve been reading dirt’s blog a little bit since this all came out. i just read a post in which she blamed sheila jeffreys and her political lesbianism for the transing of children and the transgender movement (with all the troubles that it is causing for women) per se.

      it should be completely obvious that sheila jeffreys had nothing to do with that and no control over it. she’s a gender abolitionist radfem academic ffs!

      her posts that i’ve read about other women are also really fact-twisting and i would argue similarly libellous.

      dirt simply runs a smear blog that attacks women, mostly gay or bisexual women, regardless of her “straightbian” bullshit

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      1. i’m not saying that dirt cant critique political lesbianism. of course she can, and thats legitimate. but blaming sheila jeffreys for something she is obviously not in the least responsible for was out and out libel and pretty fucking gross of dirt to do.

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