Kat and Max and Thissoftspace and Crashchaoscats are really, truly such BRAVE WOMEN. I’ve gotten called brave a lot in the past few days- for real, I just feel like these women blow me out of the water.

This Soft Space

“That’s just your personal experience. I get a very different story from the trans people I follow.”

This is what one of the best friends I ever thought I had said to me when I tried to describe dysphoria as a mental health issue. I don’t think I’ve ever had my trust broken so completely. Our friendship of eight years, whatever respect and regard and care she held for me, apparently meant little compared to the overwhelming evidence of strangers on the Internet. I am still recovering from this, still trying to find my voice again and the courage to speak as myself and not through the anonymity of this blog. I still get overwhelmed with panic every time I try.

But a wave of voices is rising, and helping tremendously.

Maria Catt has made a video about her experiences.

Kat of destroyyourbinder followed suit.

Max of Born Wrong added another.

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