Wow, a detransitioned woman exists!

Folks, I know I’ve talked a lot on this blog about not letting weird stuff people say on the internet get to you. Well, here we go, I have identified the weird thing a person can say that makes me very reactive: when someone says people who detransition are so rare we pretty much don’t exist.

I totally exist! Not only do I exist, but I know a lot of other detransitioned people who are also super into the existing thing!

Here you go, my real name, my real face, here’s who I am. I expect to catch massive amounts of flak for this. I expect to encounter lots of people saying enraging, ignorant things. But you know, it would’ve been helpful to me if detransitioned people had a lot more videos on youtube when I had reached the point of being done with being trans. Also would’ve been way helpful when I was super excited about taking testosterone.


If you’re a praying person, sure would appreciate you including me in your prayers. Specifically prayers to have me be my best self, to help me respond to people rather than reacting, in cultivating peace and a whole lot of understanding and compassion when people show their need through being hostile. But also not giving in to the temptation to tell gentle lies to make the hostile people feel better.

Hey, these detransitioned women also totally exist- like, every day they wake up and exist, over and over. Super crazy that we all keep doing that.

19 thoughts on “Wow, a detransitioned woman exists!”

  1. You inspiring woman, you! Do you want this shared far and wide or give it a little time to go slowly?

    Words are powerful but it is so much more meaningful to have a face and a voice – a whole person – speaking these things.

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    1. Yep. What’s really important here is the description of how people considering transition are not evaluated for pre-existing comorbid psychological conditions, are not warned about having unrealistic expectations for what transitioning has to offer, are encouraged to continue on hormones even when they are causing damage, and, for those who decide to desist, there is no followup treatment and support. This is truly damning and a horrible breach of medical ethics.

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  2. I appreciate your perspective and thoughtfulness. Your experience is valuable and necessary.

    I know my daughter. I know she had other problems and she was using trans-identification to try to fix her problems and I knew they wouldn’t. But she socially transitioned in last year in high school (because schools here do whatever the students demand in this situation and they don’t consult or care about what the parents have to say) and I knew it would backfire and it did. She ended up hospitalized because even the mental health professionals were telling us all her problems were due to us refusing to put her on hormones and get her surgery at 16.

    Well, everyone has now come around to the fact that she’s bipolar/borderline and she was misdiagnosed (because people were doing what a 16-year-old told them to do) and on contraindicated meds which caused her to becomes suicidal.

    And, still, things aren’t better for her or us, because borderline? Is a horrible situation for everyone in the family until the sufferer decides to listen to other people and she is not in that place. But, she’s starting to desist on the trans stuff at least and I didn’t propel her into irreversible interventions. Your story (here on your blog and the support of others) steeled my resolve to stick to my instincts as a parent.

    I wish you only good things.

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  3. Thank you so much for your courage and commitment to your integrity and your truth. Not only will this directly help other detransitioners, it will help the entirety of society be more skeptical of trans narratives and medical treatments, even if they don’t see your video, but by adding to the body of info out there that people change their minds, question what they’d believed, and detransition. You will be helping the cause of societal skepticism about transgender, and help slow down the rush to create new laws that put increasing numbers of people on the trans path who should not be.

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  4. thank you thank you thank you. for your courage and wisdom and compassion. You speak like you write — straightforward, intelligent, honest, strong and humble. You are every bit as courageous as everyone here has said, and your voice is vital. You’re also correct about men being miserable — which, coupled with their position of dominance over women — is a very dangerous state, as we know. Your work, and that of the others you have listed here, will help to dismantle the trans machinery. slowly, to be sure, but inevitably. don’t give up. I won’t, either. Thank you again. love.

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  5. You are very smart woman and everything you need you have. I can see it if you can not. Keep talking and stay open to the beauty of you. I am glad to see your post. I will not forget you.

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  6. I am so happy to see this! I love your work on this blog – so intelligent, fair and insightful – and I am so, so happy to see you showing so much of yourself.

    So brave, so useful, so inspiring. Much, much love and support your way.

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  7. I hear your message and, as others have said, applaud your courage. However, as a cis male and former Marine I can’t begin to truly understand the transgender phenomenon. I can’t fathom the social conditons that would drive a woman as attractive and intelligent as you to ever deny her glorious womanhood. I’ve recently learned that the daughter of a good friend has declared herself trans and undergone some surgery. The depth of pain her parents are experiencing is difficult to watch. I’m striving to understand and your video has helped me with that. I’m thankful that you’re now happy and that my world makes a little more sense.

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