Please help out Ferron

This was taken from Ferron’s facebook page. I haven’t written much about going to the last Michfest, my only time attending a Michfest, and how very moving it was. Moving is not even the right word, it was very trippy and I realized how brainwashed I was about what women look like/ are/ are capable of. It’s too much to tell you right now. But I can tell you when Ferron played “Snowing in Brooklyn” at the night stage I just cried and cried and cried. Because I’ve tried to make myself so lovable to so many people and I’ll tell you what, that shit does not work. It was a big moment of release for me. The thought that this amazing artist who was able to give me that moment is struggling is really unacceptable. Please send her whatever cash you can.


It was a thrill and an honor to play on the night stage of the last Michigan Womyns’ Music Festival. I bet almost everyone would say 2016 has been very strange so far, and with luck August will come around again.I’m thinking about that. I’m thinking about so many people I may never see again, and the younger women, and how we must all find a way to hold and share our succulent Herstories along with the ‘lean-into-the-sun’ potential of the next Wave.
I have loved sharing my music with you, and ‘forty years’ is now 41 years! The painful effects of the Arthritis in my fingers, hands, knees, and neck, really throws me into a loop, my sisters. I mostly can’t even hold the guitar but, so ever present, my acoustic guitar next to my ribs soothed me all my life. If it soothed me, I have to assume that it soothed you as well. And because of the changes, beginnings, and endings of all things, I have decided to make a lot of my songs of the last 40 years available for free.
I am in the process of creating the web page. Watch for REBEL WITHOUT APPLAUSE FACEBOOK/WEB PAGE and Please, download what you want, enjoy and share with your friends and the younger women in your life.
Tell them, like you have told me, what you hung onto during the dark and confusing times while we learned to say our name.
I have more music and I need your support. I’m boxed in and soon to be homeless once again. Please help me to lift myself up. I need to learn digital recording through a school. I need money to get a place to live in, as I do not qualify for a loan of any kind. I need a safe and quiet place to think and write. There are several ways to help via credit card (email or call), checks in the mail (Ferron Foisy c/o Hilda Neily, 5419 Delette Ave., Gulfort, FL 33707) and ferronferron@ (PAYPAL). Your contribution will literally keep me safe while I’m making the next project; for me, for us, and for them.
If you think this is a scam, feel free to text/call me at 269-268-7397 and I’ll send you an immediate photo.
And what do you get for all of your trouble? Why… 40 years worth of free downloads, a couple of signed new CDs when it comes out, and a REBEL WITHOUT APPLAUSE t-shirt. And my forever gratitude. Love ferron

One thought on “Please help out Ferron”

  1. I am not a lesbian, a woman, or a fan of folk music, yet I have heard of Ferron. The fact that this artist, who has been recording songs for forty years is homeless while the average talentless misogynist, homophobe, transphobe cis male hipster 22 year old “musician” can rest easy knowing that no matter what he does, he will likely have a “girlfriend” providing the rent, food, emotional labor, sexual labor, etc…it just pisses me off. And, as a middle aged person and musician myself, I’ve seen this shit play out over many different micro-eras. From “goth” to “grunge” to “indie” to “emo” to “scenester” to “hipster”, it’s always the same. The be-penised put on makeup and slide skin tight clothes over their effortlessly underweight bodies, screaming about their “pain” and receiving praise for being “sensitive” and “pretty”, while their girlfriends, the true sufferers, try to convince themselves that their boyfriend is “different”.

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