This is going to sound crazy, because I’m in a very good headspace at the moment.

I’ve been doing hot yoga classes and whoa is it good for my mood.

Not in the class. I get SO ANGRY in the class. Oh my gosh, holding chair pose for like minutes at a time? GO FUCK YOURSELF EMBODIMENT I’M SICK OF YOUR SHIT.

But after. After I’m in a very good space.

So also I’ve been a little addicted to Jesse Singal’s twitter feed following his legit really well reported and researched article about Dr. Zucker getting fired. Because yeah, it’s like watching a car wreck. Road flares, cop cars, ambulances.

As most of my readers know (maybe some don’t) online discourse about gender dysphoria and transition is CONSTANT wrecks like this. Rape and murder threats, big “you’re gonna make me kill myself” moments, everyone’s evil, everyone’s about to kill themselves, everyone is turned ALL THE WAY UP. Crank it up to 11! It’s a lot like 10 just LOUDER!

There’s something to be said for choosing to be light with heavy stuff. There’s something to be said for being flexible- being able to intentionally de-escalate and intentionally escalate. There’s something to be said for getting really angry, there’s something to be said for getting sad, there’s something to be said for panic attacks, there’s actually not a ton to be said for murder threats, let’s rein it in on that front.

But I just want to point out this is a specific moment in time. The manner in which we talk about gender dysphoria is not going to remain stable for the next 20 years. I bet even by the end of this year we’re not going to be using the same words or stories.

People’s deeply held beliefs will shift. Who they believe they are capable of working with and befriending will shift. This is who we are and what we’re doing right now, and we won’t be these people doing these things this time next year. Our understanding of ourselves will be super different. Our understanding of what we are making happen in the world will be different. This is a special, unique time, and we won’t have it anymore.

You might say, yeah, but this particular time sucks. Ok, true, but it sucks in such an INTERESTING way.

So like, let’s make a snapshot of this moment. Let’s see what we can find funny about this. Let’s make some notes about how interesting of a debacle we seem to be in. All these people with such similar symptoms and we are all 100% invested in our campaigns! I’m not saying we shouldn’t be, it’s just another interesting personality quirk we seem to share.

We are a pack of CHARACTERS. WE ARE  WEIRDOS. When you were a kid were you ever like, when I’m grown up I’m definitely going to be shaking with anger at some strangers I don’t know who live hundreds of miles away because we can’t even agree on how to use the words “man” and “woman?” No! You were like, I’m gonna be an astronaut or movie star, what’s a twitter?

You gotta give it up for the weirdness of life. You gotta give it up for whoever is writing this movie, She is some kind of crazy genius. Take care of yourselves, I wanna look back on this moment with you once we get to the future.

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