Holy crap, this woman

Man, I keep watching this video. It’s a little spell-binding. Seeing a stranger talk about the detransition experience to strangers on the internet, just kind of trusting that things will work out if she puts it out there, is TRIPPY. It’s as trippy as the first time I met another detransitioned woman in person. It’s as trippy as the first time I met a GROUP of detransitioned women. It’s as trippy as camping with detransitioned women at Michfest and just being able to go to the clearing between our tents and have conversations with like, a lot of different women about it.  Damn, this is incredible. OTHER DETRANSITIONED WOMEN ARE AMAZING AND WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCES I FEEL SOME OF MY WEARY DISILLUSIONMENT LIFTING.

4 thoughts on “Holy crap, this woman”

    1. I’ve read that essay! It’s a great one, and it connects such important dots on how one learns to rely on disassociating as a strategy for living. How we came to rely on disassociation is something me and my detransitioned friends talk a lot about. Thanks for writing and sharing it! Also I think all the time about the Lesbian Tent Revival sunday morning at Fest. Oooooffff!


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