Friend Love

Other detransitioned women have been a life-send this year. The acceptance and understanding and community I was searching for in the trans community I actually did end up finding with other detransitioned women. Which is so unbelievably awesome.

If you’re only reading my writing about detransition please don’t! Please read other detransitioned women’s writing! They have different experiences, and different insights, and different strategies to offer. My specific take on things shouldn’t be assumed to be the same for everybody else who has gone through something similar.

I specifically want to alert you to and They’re both women writing incredible stuff. Their presentation/daily life/life paths/you name it are pretty different from mine. That’s part of why I love reading what they write and find what they say so valuable. And if you’re brave enough to go on tumblr (I tend not to be) is a new blog accepting stories from women who struggle with dysphoria. I think unfortunately mental health professionals really don’t understand dysphoria very well, and are clueless about how it manifests and what can help manage it, and so it’s important those of us who experience it talk to each other a lot. If you’re a female who experiences dysphoria, but the trans thing isn’t working out for you, links to lots of helpful resources and people, and the forum manages might be helpful to you. You might be scared off by the politics, but there’s actually a community to get in on where the point is not agreeing on stuff politically, but just you know, helping each other get through life and whatnot.

It’s scary for any of us whose choices took us away from pursuing transition to talk about it. And the cutting both ways about it is my dysphoria is totally tied to my levels of stress and anxiety. The choice to write about it should be carefully considered. The point of any of this is to be healthier and stronger, and being a woman writing on the internet can certainly be terrible for your health.

At the same time having friends is really great for your health and strength, and having friends who are interested in what you have to say and what you’ve been through and what you think is just the BEST.

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